Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and may you experience a subtle Oud this year

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I just opened my Le Labo Oud 27 and spritzed.

My Christmas fragrance stories are many.

We always gave my mom perfume for Christmas.
Actually we bought her perfume for ALL occasions including birthdays and mother's day. It was easy and did not require any guess work.
My mother is like a retrospective book on fashion per decade:
She wore Femme de Rochas in my first decade of life (the 70s). Even the sandwiches she made for me in the afternoon smelled of Femme (I am part French and kids have an in-between meal in the afternoon that consists of a sandwich with chocolate or jam usually. And a touch of her perfume of course! A bit of cumin from Femme wasn't all bad on baguette)
She then wore Coco in the 80's and it was so nice and enjoyable those few years. Coco was an easy buy of course in 1986...We would just go pick it up at any department store. Try to find it now!
You will probably only find "Coco Noir" which is a travesty.
Then the 90's came and I moved out. Those were not kind years in general and I remember visiting and noticing my mom experimenting with Guerlain Samsara in 1990, followed by Jardins de Bagatelle in 1991. Samsara's sandalwood was so strong it could kill flies. The JDB smelled to me like "Dior's Poison". Bombastic and cloying! I used to run away from her and just go to my room to hide.
Then the worst came. Truly...And it all started with a spray on my mom's wrist in 1993 while shopping at Neiman Marcus. After an initial (short lived) appreciation of something totally new to our nose, we had to survive my mom's infatuation with Angel...She layered the lotion and the EDP. Her trail was everywhere in the house, Everywhere she went there was the "Angel cloud" signaling her presence and shouting "Your mom was here".
That stuff was like anthrax when it was first launched. I bet you it has been reformulated recently to make it a bit less toxic and non-asthma causing! The FDA or the CDCs must have negotiated a reformulation from the house of Mugler. Tone it down a notch said the President of the United States or we will take action!

As for me, I wanted my first Chanel for Christmas in the 80s and got Antaeus from Santa in 1985. Chanel Pour Monsieur was considered a sleeper back then and sales associates would hide it so that customers would pick Antaeus. How strange now that we know better...Only I was too young to walk around in my gawky teens wearing braces and a potent leather balsamic cloud like the pre-reformulation Antaeus in the Texas heat. I feel sorry for my classmates and friends. I seek forgiveness from them now!
But hey I never sported a mullet and most of them did. So that counts as tit for tat in terms of offenses I guess!
I ended up giving the bottle of Antaeus to my dad who'd wear anything you gave him mind you. And everything smelled sexy on him. How hateful is that? Why can't my skin be like his?
As for me now, I am still on my quest to find the ideal fragrance.

And what's Christmas without a wrapped bottle of scent under the tree? This year I chose Le Labo Oud 27. An I just unwrapped the carefully blended and packaged bottle and spritzed. I'm still recovering now as I write this from a tiny teeny one drop spritz of that beast on my wrist.  The animal is there!
I must have a disorder that prevents me from choosing anything wearable! Must be in my DNA or something.

Merry Christmas everyone!